Antidepressants for weight loss

Antidepressants are used for weight loss rather desperate people. Typically, these funds are designed to solve only one problem - the regulation of hormone metabolism, correction of inadequate or insufficient production of capture "hormone of joy" serotonin. Weight reduction and correction of eating behavior using antidepressants - a rather risky business.

First of all, most of the medications for depression are quite toxic, and are issued by doctors only when the mental condition of the patient is more dangerous to his health than any "chemistry". Should I use medication for other purposes? How to take antidepressants for weight loss In fact, to date, not a single drug, which would be both an antidepressant and a means for weight loss with proven clinical efficacy. U.S. tested antidepressant Wellbutrin, its use in combination with a diet of 1600 kcal led to weight loss in most patients, both measures are combined.

However, everyone understands that the majority of obese people with normal or even slow metabolism lose weight on this diet, and without pills. On the Internet there are legends that Prozac or fluoxetine "kill" your appetite, and promote compliance with any strict diets. However, few people know that this effect lasts only 2 weeks, then a person may completely lose control and start to overeat regularly. In addition, according to statistics, most people get better and not lose weight while taking antidepressants, since many of these substances literally "obscure" the brain, and the patient simply does not remember, he ate or not, and at the sight of food, begins to eat again. Side effects when taking antidepressants for weight loss is generally believed that the use of medications is safer than drinking dietary supplements of unknown origin. However, in the case of antidepressants is not. Most of the drugs in this class, if it is, of course, not talking about the plant, "analogues" - St. John's wort and oregano - affect the human nervous system. Antidepressants alter the chemical processes occurring in the human brain.

However, this effect is calculated on a person with disabilities in the nervous system. If the tablet will begin to ingest a healthy person, the effect can be unpredictable. In particular, you may experience obsessions, hallucinations, compulsive craving for certain actions. By the way, in psychiatry these very actions include mechanical and absorption of food, so it is not the fact that antidepressants do not cause this is the side effect of the diet and then have to forget. In medicine, describes cases of suicides and serious mental disorders resulting from ingestion of improperly selected antidepressants. In addition, antidepressants are toxic to the liver, and not combined with the majority of conventional drugs, and alcohol.

So take them - a great health risk. And this class of drugs is very effective water retention and cellulite fans to drink tablets from all virtually guaranteed. In any case, the damage that you may cause to his bodily and spiritual health of such "treatment" can not be compared with the joy of the loss of appetite for a few days. By the way, "just do not eat" - the best way to lose muscle mass, metabolism slow down and get far from perfect flabby and disproportionate body. In any case, if you are prescribed these medications for depression, consult your doctor on how you eat better, so that during the treatment is not to gain weight.

Initially, anti-depressants - are drugs that help a person to deal with mental and neurological disorders, such as depression, panic attacks, bulimia, etc.

But some specialists and patients has been observed that these tablets, in addition to its direct purpose, can also contribute to weight loss. It turns out that the active ingredients of these drugs among other things affect certain areas of the brain responsible for perception of hunger - that is, suppress appetite.

Therefore, some nutritionists may prescribe medications such as fluoxetine, bupropion, reboxetine selegiline and others.

There are also antidepressants that act like amphetamines (forbidden in our country), and "add" energy man. Taking such means losing weight can give more strength training and withstand even the toughest diet.

But we hasten to note that the vast majority of doctors, nutritionists say "Slimming" similar means only property in the first two weeks of receipt. Within 14-15 days, the appetite returns, and sometimes with even greater force.