Sexual function is directly related to hormone levels, and primarily the male sex hormone - testosterone. Its level decreases physiologically from 25-30 years to 50 years, 0.5%, and after 50 years - 1%. In fact, inhibited the function of cells that are found in the testes of men produce testosterone. Normal sexual desire is directly dependent on the level of testosterone. Together with a decrease in testosterone levels and reduced libido. But this fact does not establish any framework for frequency sex. Everything depends on the individual abilities of man and his desires. On average, according to statistics, people over 50 years are sexually active at erectial disfunction least three times a month. And it is very precisely correlated with the level of hormones.

However, in this regard, there is a situation where in such rare sexual intercourse men face premature ejaculation. This phenomenon is a physiological nature. But if you are constantly going on, then we can talk about violation of adequate reaction of prostatic adenoma and blood vessels of the penis. Typically, 30% of patients 55-60 years, complaining of premature ejaculation, have atherosclerosis in the beginning stages. This means that the blood circulation in the penis decreases considerably and there are phenomena such as incomplete erection and premature ejaculation.

The following important fact is that prolonged abstinence reduces the production of testosterone, i.e. wise organism decides if there is no demand and output it is necessary to reduce the production of this hormone. Therefore, sexually active need on demand, and no age norms here.

The nuts contain a large amount of unsaturated amino acids, which are one of the important components in the process of creating a protein in the human body. Therefore, they are exhausted and are recommended for people to quickly recuperate. Nuts improves metabolic processes in the body, since a large amount of polyunsaturated amino acids is rapidly absorbed, thereby providing a large amount of energy for the body to improve metabolism. As for chocolate, he always has a tonic effect. The combination of cocoa extract and glucose is the indispensable combination of substances, which quickly restores the vital energy force. But as a rule, are fond of chocolate in order to increase potency easy to cross the line in the use of sweet, becoming a patient with diabetes and without getting into the "macho" category.

For having sex in any mature age there are no contraindications, it all depends on the level of sexual desire. But now, a large number of patients over 60, which, apparently, want to catch up. Indeed, sexual potency - a lifelong function in men, and they can have sex for many years in certain circumstances.

Of course, according to statistics, the number of men who were sexually active, with age progressively falling: for 60 years, only 55% are able to have sex. At the age of 70 years, the percentage decreases dramatically - only about 30-35% of sexually active. And among the strips have reached 80 years, their number is not more than 15% over 80 years - no more than 10%. And often these are the people who tend to be lifelong care of their health, were the appropriate way of life, optimistic attitude to life, which certainly contributed to the preservation of health in general and capillary function, from which depends directly on the potency of men, specifically. Moreover, such may be lucky dad and aged 60 and 70 and 80, if the condition of their body functions spermatogenic correct. But, of course, try to have it, certainly more so as the level of viable and capable of sperm and progressively reduced.

Many men raises concerns that during sexual intercourse is usually sharply pressure rises. This is due to the fact that emits large amounts of hormones which tonic effect on the cardiovascular system. Generally, in humans during sexual contact pressure is increased in the range from 20 to 40 mm Hg. This is a normal reaction, and death or stroke during intercourse due to this pressure jump most men are not threatened. Mortal danger to the organism occurs only in isolated cases and depends on the degree of depletion of the heart muscle. In general, sex after 60 - this is quite normal.

Research over the past 10-15 years have proved that often weakening of sexual function: weak erection, premature ejaculation - the first sign of deeper disorders. In most cases, about 70%, potency problems indicate the presence of a number of serious diseases: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and others. On the other hand, people who do not have problems in the sexual sphere, half suffer from heart disease. And because sexual function - this is one of the clearest markers of quality of life. Normal sexual function - an indicator of a healthy endocrine and cardiovascular systems. For patients having problems in this area, should go to the doctor and not try to treat yourself, as this may provoke such dangerous violations that people may be unaware.