Erectile dysfunction in young

Erectile disfunction. Treatment of erectile dysfunction and how to prolong an erection.

Erection - a necessary component of a full sexual relationship. The degree of severity of an erection in healthy men can be very different. Therefore, as we have seen, an erection is normal if it is sufficient for successful sexual intercourse with a woman For a man an erection of the penis - a necessary condition for successful implementation of sexual intimacy buy cialis online. Under the influence of a sexually active irritation occurs a significant increase in blood flow (8-10 times) through the cavernous body of the penis. At the same time shrinking the transverse perineal muscles and the prostate gland. Reduced muscle and compressing the root of the penis. As a result of the overflow cavities of cavernous bodies with blood and squeezing veins blood flow is sharply reduced. There comes an erection of the penis in all, the cavernous body tense up strongly, and the spongy body, through which the urethra is somewhat weaker, and so there is smooth sperm eruption.

Erectile dysfunction - the methods of struggle.

In principle, any measure aimed at improving and normalization of all body functions, can be seen as a means of recovery of erectile function. Therefore, physical therapy is often used in combination with other therapeutic measures, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, magnetic and laser therapy.

Unfortunately, the organic forms of erectile dysfunction is very often the doctor is not able to completely rid a man of the underlying disease, which led to problems with erection. In such cases, symptomatic treatment, that is treatment, which aims only to restore the ability of men to a normal erection. To this end, a number of methods. Let's talk about each of them separately.

Treatment of psychological form of erectile dysfunction

Treatment of psychological form of erectile dysfunction should be conducted sexologist - a psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of psychosexual disorders. Throughout the civilized world after the treatment of the organic form of erectile dysfunction man consults with a sexologist and learns how and what he needs to do as quickly as possible to restore such an important function of the organism. However, in Russia this practice for a number of reasons not accepted by our men in the best case with a friend in the kitchen for a bottle of beer to share the problem, rather than entrust the doctor as classified information. Therefore, the competent experts-sexologists have the afternoon with fire not find.

As a result, assistance with forms of psychological erectile dysfunction is necessary to provide those cures and its organic form, ie urologists. And as in textbooks on urology methods of erection restoration after the treatment is not described, and we are told in medical school about a variety of things and problems, but not about sexuality, urologists had themselves come up with a number of techniques to help such patients. Describe all of these techniques is not possible, and the need for this no-no, because often their knowledge can only harm a person in a similar situation.

However, to really help the patient in such a situation can only competent urologist, has extensive experience in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and help such patients. Keep this in mind if you have to choose their own doctor for the treatment of erectile disfunktsii.Kakie are causes of erectile dysfunction.

All the causes of erectile dysfunction are divided into two large groups - organic when there is any disturbance in the body, and psychological, which are due only to the peculiarities of the patient's mind. In practice, the most frequent combination of these reasons, when in some disease or disorder, which leads to erectile dysfunction, imposed psychological factors that prevent further man always fully achieve an erection. All organic causes of erectile dysfunction are divided into endocrine, drug, local, neurologic and vascular.

Endocrine causes.

If in the male produces an insufficient number of male sex hormone testosterone, it can cause erectile dysfunction. At the same time may appear symptoms such as an increase in voice frequency, the cessation of hair growth on the face, the deposition of fat in the breasts, hips, buttocks. Usually, it is heavy hormonal sphere of the organism in which assistance is required endocrinologist.

In another situation, the pituitary gland (a gland in the brain) tumor may appear secretes the hormone prolactin. However, no other disturbances in the body, except for erectile dysfunction could not be observed. To diagnose the disease, in addition to an endocrinologist examination, you must perform a computer tomography of the brain. Treatment in this case is reduced to a long reception bromocriptine drug formulation.

How is erectile dysfunction.

In principle, all methods that improve and normalization of all functions of an organism can be considered as methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Used physiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, magnetic and laser therapy.

However, often there is a situation in which, for all the possibilities of modern medicine doctors are unable to cure the underlying disease (multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus). In this case, the treatment is directed not to cure the patient and on the removal of erectile dysfunction as a symptom of a disease (symptomatic treatment). To this end, we developed a number of special methods that allow the patient to achieve an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.

LOD-therapy (local negative pressure therapy). Developed and produced special tools for individual LOD-therapy. The essence of the method is that the patient places the penis into a special tank and creates a negative pressure in the cylinder. In this case the penis arteries dilate and the erection is achieved. Then, at the root of the penis to wear a rubber band, which covers the venous outflow, and the patient can have intercourse. The method is simple, low cost, absolute safety in use. The disadvantages of the method can be attributed to the inconvenience and fairly low quality of erection, which is achieved in this case.

Medical therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. There are a number of drugs that increase the overall tone of the body, blood pressure and indirectly raises product flow in the penis. These include extracts and tinctures of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Rhaponticum, golden root, devil, arallii, pantokrina.

Vascular surgery on the penis. As already mentioned, the main part of erectile dysfunction associated with vascular causes and changes in penile blood flow. Therefore, one of the treatments for erectile dysfunction is a prompt increase in blood flow in the arteries of the penis and the elimination of venous insufficiency. Developed by a large number of such operations techniques. It should be noted, that no procedure does not guarantee a 100% result and the mandatory recovery of erection. The effectiveness of different methods depending on the complexity varies from 20 to 80%. This, among other things, related to the risk of internal damage in the nerves of the penis during an operation. However, millions of people regained their normal ability to commit a sexual act with the help of reconstructive operations on vessels of the penis.

Endoprosthesis penis. This method of recovery of erection is the most radical. It lies in the fact that the penis cavernous body are replaced by special prostheses. The simplest models of these prostheses represent a flexible rods, which only prevents bending of the penis into the vagina during sexual intercourse. The more complex contemporary models represent a pump design, cylinders which are implanted in place of the corpora cavernosa, the pumped liquid from the tank is placed in the retropubic space, and pumping device - into the scrotum. Before having sexual intercourse patient should inflate balloons, which provides an almost perfect erection, after sexual intercourse - to reduce the pressure. Common disadvantages of these methods is the replacement of their high cost and the risk of postoperative complications, and lack of pumping endoprosthesis is the possibility of failure.