Erection problems

Erection - that really care about men. What is a normal erection.

Erection reflects the state of your physical health, and mental health. Lack of erection occurs for various reasons, including illness, stress and relationship problems. Although the majority of men are "all or nothing" principle for erection, ie the erection either there or it is not, in fact it is not. You can make love with buy generic viagra online a partial erection. A man can be quite soft penis and, nevertheless, to make love. Regardless of the hardness of the penis, a man can experience all the excitement stage and finish their orgasm.

If at times you are not able to have an erection, for example, in a state of intoxication, but it all goes well, in most cases, it's OK. Okay well that during sex erection level fluctuates.

Erection. Physical causes of weak erection.

If you know exactly what you have erection problems, and you want to solve them, the first thing you need to know - it's not whether the physical cause? Before you see a doctor and undergo costly medical examinations, ask yourself these questions:

Whether erection occurs at night or in the morning when I wake up? Do erections occur at night or in the morning, but with a partner like something does not work? Whether erection occurs during masturbation, but not with a partner?

A healthy man has several erections during the night and during masturbation. If you answered "yes" is not all of the questions, your difficulty may have psychological roots.

There are spontaneous and adequate erections. The voltage of the penis in the intimacy conditions or when exposed to sexual stimuli referred to as adequate erections. Spontaneous erections occur spontaneously, is eroticizes environment (while sleeping, after waking up in the morning) and often accompanied by sexual arousal. The presence of normal spontaneous erections generally eliminate serious violations of potency in men.

The most common strain of the penis occurs under the influence of mental stimuli (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile), which, acting in the cerebral cortex, subcortical stimulate sexual centers, and then excite the erection center in the spinal cord. Erections can occur by mechanical stimulation of the glans penis, under the influence of sexual attitudes and fantasies, causing the male sexual arousal.

Erection - is not only a necessary component of a full sexual relationship, but also as a natural reaction occurs independently of them teenagers, young men and young men, at least in the elderly and very rarely in people old age. For example, morning erection before awakening. It is associated with or erotic dreams, or more often overflow bladder. The fact is that during filling of the bladder wall by its spinal micturition center in pulses begin to act on nerves. When the excitement of the center reaches a considerable extent, it captures and located near the center of erection, which leads to a voltage of the penis. Depending on the degree of excitation of the erection can be greater or lesser force, but never reaches a level characteristic of sexual intimacy.

Morning erection for many boys and men is an object of close attention. Of particular concern to them is weakening or temporary cessation of morning erections, which is associated with a frightening word impotence and all the consequences of this "tragic" consequences of words. There is a kind of neurotic condition resembling a vicious circle of anxiety - the more a man thinks of his "trouble", the less and less evident in his morning erection. In such cases, we recommend not to build painful conjectures, and as soon as possible to ask for help or advice from a doctor.

Reflexes erection and ejaculation occur one after the other, but may occur regardless of the sequence. For example, long and strong enough erection without additional stimulation may stop without completing ejaculation. There are cases of allocation of seed without first erection (advise as soon as possible address to the doctor - in most cases it is curable). There may be cases of strong sexual excitement with all the sensations that are characteristic ejaculation, but without ejaculation. This is the case with teens who still unable to establish a seed production in young men with excessive intense sexual activity in older people who have prostate or significantly decreased sperm production and juice, or stopped altogether. This is the same dynamic changes in ejaculatory function in women.

Erectile disfunction

Failures in the sexual life of the man often called impotence. However, this is not entirely true. Impotence doctors consider a condition in which a man under any circumstances is not able to perform sexual intercourse. This, fortunately, does not occur very often. A coincidence or recurring problems with erectile dysfunction should be called erectile dysfunction.