Impotence - is the old name of the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, and to replace such a stylistic have their own reasons. The term "impotence" put a stigma leads to misunderstanding of the state: the majority of men believed that completely lost the ability to ejaculation and hence the chances of becoming a father. However, erectile dysfunction is treatable, so this condition is reversible.

A modern interpretation of the term "erectile dysfunction" includes a symptom, when a man can not achieve and maintain an erection, which is necessary for sexual satisfaction. This pathology occurs in 1 out of 10 men. Studies have shown that only 10 percent of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are treated. Many men suffering according to the state, did not seek medical help for the reason that simply ashamed of this or consider it the norm of age and are convinced that you can not fix anything.

However, in most cases, the disease is a functional and develops due to alcohol intake, with nervous stress from overwork. Of course, if you ignore the one-off cases of inability to achieve and maintain an erection, then very soon it will be possible to diagnose the male erectile dysfunction.

The belief is that erectile dysfunction develops with age and it is inevitable, it is common enough. This is partly true. But in addition to the age factor to erectile dysfunction cause a number of diseases and taking any medications. In some cases, the cause of the pathology becomes a psychological factor, it is typical, for example, to insecure young men.

Research shows, around 70-80% of cases the cause of erectile dysfunction are becoming chronic diseases: hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels in the blood, liver disease, kidney disease, various hormonal disorders, such as malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Taking certain drugs used for the treatment of hypertensive disease, diabetes, stomach ulcers, can also trigger the development of erectile dysfunction.

Drug use, smoking and alcohol abuse - in a word, wrong way of life - will sooner or later lead to erectile dysfunction.

Various nerve damage during surgery for prostate diseases, stroke, spinal cord injuries - another group of causes of erectile dysfunction.

Whatever the cause of erectile dysfunction, in any case, a painful disease affects the psychological state of a man he feels inferior, moving away from loving people both emotionally and physically. Thinking that this pathology can not be cured, a man can lose self-esteem. But erectile dysfunction and can be treated. Practice shows that 95% of this pathology to treat.

To understand the causes of erectile dysfunction, first we need to understand the mechanism of erection. If sexual arousal of the brain men sent signals to the nerve receptors in the penis. This leads to expansion of the corpora cavernosa of the penis and, consequently, to an increase in blood flow to it - so there is an erection. Once the sexual act is completed, the process of outflow of blood from the penis, and the erection disappears.