Why nauseated, the main causes of sickness and nausea

Nausea - a painful sensation in the epigastric region and / or throat, which often leads to vomiting. Refers to nausea symptom rather than the disease, because the it itself does not occur, but some points to abnormalities in the normal functionality of the organism headache doctor. The reason is the feeling of nausea with reduced functional activity of the stomach and changes in motor function duodenum and small intestine.

Nauseated person may because of many different reasons. A root cause of this condition are different and can vary due to the nature of the body of the individual. The only thing that unites all human beings, faced with the phenomenon of periodic or constant nausea - this is a great desire to get rid of this feeling.

Reasons why nauseated, nausea?

The causes of nausea, because of which can severely or slightly nauseated, myriad. The most dangerous causes nausea problems due podtashnivaet which intermittently or continuously, various kinds of disease.

The main and most common reasons that nauseated constantly sick:

Gastric ulcer or gastritis. The patient has a feeling of a burning sensation at the top of the stomach before meals, as well as after he has sought. In some cases, one can observe bloating and postprandial nausea becomes stronger.

The feeling of nausea can occur in cases where the patient picked up the wrong drugs. Especially strong discomfort can be in the morning.

Severe nausea can also occur during meningitis. In addition, the patient suffers painful glare and he may have a fever, and in the neck can start a lot of pain.

When the concussion a man may feel nausea and dizziness.

Gallbladder disease. During the reception, the patient's food nauseated, and it seems as if the stomach bursting. The pain occurs on the right side below the ribs. In addition to all, the patient suffers from heartburn and heavy gases.

Pancreas inflammation. The patient has a feeling of nausea, as soon as he has sought. Thus, it bursting stomach and diarrhea can begin.

Intestinal infection. In this situation, the patient nauseated starts already after 1-2 hours after it is eaten. In most cases, the patient starts vomiting. Pain may occur in the umbilical region, and after 8-10 hours - diarrhea.

Malfunctions related to the work of the vestibular apparatus. Man can nauseated due to the sharp change in body position or abrupt slopes. He can also make your head spin.

Inflammation of the appendix. The feeling of nausea can occur for no reason, however, the patient will feel a sharp pain in his stomach and his temperature rises.

In heart failure patients usually nauseated, it lacks the air and there is a pain in the stomach. In some cases, a patient may begin hiccups. In addition to all of the patient may begin onset emesis.

Patients suffering from high blood pressure often feel nausea at an early time, which last long enough. The patient gets tired quickly, and throughout the day feels weak.

When inflammation in the kidney, the patient will be kept vomiting. Among other symptoms it is worth noting the increased body temperature (up to 38 Co). In addition, the patient may experience difficulty in urination, it may be painful.

What diseases can cause nausea and a feeling of constant nausea?

An ulcer or gastritis

The main symptoms and signs of diseases such as ulcer or gastritis, is the emergence of feelings of nausea immediately after eating, may even appear abdominal distension and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach strong. Also, gastritis or ulcer symptoms can be in the form of lower abdominal pain, heartburn, a burning sensation in the stomach immediately after a meal or in the morning, when a person has not eaten anything.

If you have symptoms and signs of such whitening as gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, it is recommended necessarily seek the help of a doctor, who may prescribe ultrasound passage, delivery or biochemical analysis of blood to be tested for the presence of Helicobacterpylori in the body.

Pancreatitis - the symptoms of which is nausea after eating, bloating, abdominal pain, mostly dull pain in the right upper quadrant. In pancreatitis, in addition to nausea and feelings of nausea may appear bitter taste in the mouth, weight loss, and some intestinal disorders.

Appendicitis - a disease in which the need to immediately call the emergency medical care, because Appendicitis is a very dangerous disease, not only for human health but also for his life. When appendicitis nausea associated with eating, pain in the right lower abdomen may occur suddenly, and may also happen that the pain in the lower abdomen may gradually increase from the state of feeling of discomfort to the typical and even intolerable pain in the lower right abdomen. A symptom of appendicitis, in addition to being much pain right below the belly may be fever, and nausea can bring to the appearance of vomiting.

Gallbladder disease - such a cause of nausea, feelings of constant nausea, usually accompanied by symptoms such as bloating in the abdomen, abdominal pain bothers the right abdomen, in the right hypochondrium. Also, the symptoms of gall bladder disease, it is a strong heartburn, mild nausea feeling, nausea, even during meals, may form excessive flatulence.

Food poisoning or an intestinal infection (viral or bacterial) - all of which can be a cause of nausea, which often ends with vomiting, which may be accompanied by severe diarrhea (diarrhea). If these diseases can appear abdominal pain, and the body temperature rises to 38-E, 39-minute degrees.

Vestibular disorder is often accompanied by nausea, which in the case of over-exposure and the load on the vestibular system may cause vomiting. The disorder of the vestibular apparatus may also be accompanied by tinnitus, loss of balance and other symptoms. Treatment of disorders of the vestibular apparatus is best to discuss with your doctor.