How to determine whether there is overweight?

Where should begin the process of struggle against excess weight?buy orlistat Of course, by attempting to determine its presence. It would be wrong to do it "by eye", as they often conclude that there is excess weight premature. This is due to the standards that are imposed on us to modern mass culture. The obsession with the struggle against non-existent "overweight" leads to various diseases, such as anorexia and / or bulimia.

To determine the rate of excess weight there, called the body mass index (BMI). To calculate the BMI, it is necessary to divide the weight (in kilograms) to height squared (meters). If your BMI is between 19 and 25, the problems with excess weight you do not have. BMI from 25 to 30 indicates overweight, over 30 - obesity.

Causes of obesity

Obesity can be divided into primary and symptomatic when excess weight is a symptom of another disease. The reasons for the initial excess weight are: genetic predisposition, excessive intake of food and lack of physical activity. With regard to inheritance, the scientists agree that there is a greater or lesser genetic predisposition to weight gain, but the hereditary factors are always implemented in close association with the image of a person's life. Before "blame genetics", it should be noted that often a greater impact still have family eating habits that are passed down from generation to generation. A habit - this is what we can change. The same applies to a sedentary lifestyle. The conclusion is simple: everything is in your hands. But do not on their own to deal with excess weight. It is better to entrust the work to professionals.

Some drugs may also lead to an increase in body fat. These include corticosteroids, female hormonal agents, antidepressants and others. Taking these drugs must always be directed in under the control of the physician.

Being overweight may be the result of some pathological conditions such as disorders of the thyroid or pituitary hypoplasia of the sex glands, Cushing's disease, as well as damage to the nerve cells of the hypothalamus.

The consequences of excess weight

Excess weight is often the cause of many disorders of body functions. First, when obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Overweight is having a negative effect on the musculoskeletal system, causing the deformation of the foot, osteoarthritis of large joints and other disorders. Also overweight leads to various metabolic disorders, whereby can develop atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Prevention of overweight

People with a tendency to overweight should balance the amount of food consumed and the level of physical activity. The diet should be balanced. The increase in physical activity, sport must go after the change in diet. It is important to understand what exactly was in your case, the main factor in weight gain - change of diet or reducing physical activity. Then you will be able to find an optimal solution that will be perfect for you. Another indispensable element of prevention, which is often overlooked - is the regular inspection and commissioning tests. These measures will help to identify and resolve the problem at the earliest stages of its occurrence.

Hypokinetic form of excess weight

Hypodynamic and form small falls 20 per cent of cases. Much more common in women. Especially representatives of t. N. Seatings professions - accountants, office workers, teachers. The main difference between this form - stiffness. Their leisure time is not related to physical activity. Basically peace - a sofa, a TV, an interesting book. Sport, charging does not. At the same time eating a little, and that is also important, especially the consumption of food does not depend on my mood.

This form, I just would not call ustoychiivoy. With the experience can be attached signs of psychogenic form. After all, in the presence of excess weight it is quite natural desire to get rid of them. But such "innate" immobility lose weight can be very, very difficult. There will inevitably be failures and the weight returned after cessation efforts. So, you may receive an alarm, a sense of dissatisfaction, resistant background bad mood. And there is not far to the abuse of delicious and sweet to the mood somehow correct.

In general, a great mistake when hypodynamic form would immediately begin with a rigid diet. On a diet of sedentary human body reacts habitually reduction of energy consumption. It appears lethargy, apathy, chilliness, even more limited mobility, and most importantly, slows down weight loss. Or, even if the background diet and can not call for a weight loss, it is quickly replaced by the weight increase of the termination efforts and return to a normal diet. So start here with better motor activation. And in the most soft and pleasant form - walking, dancing, zaryadochki and toning exercises. Very nice toning effects such as a cool shower and a general tonic massage.