Schizophrenia treatment

The symptoms and treatment of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia - one of the most serious mental illnesses, representing the diversity of all the manifestations of increasing volitional decline, leading eventually to permanent disability, and sometimes to the disability. However, in half of the cases of schizophrenia might actually be cured, at least not interfere with a variety of creative and life success. We describe a number of different forms and types of schizophrenia, which are so different from each other, which some psychiatrists say schizophrenia - is not one but several different diseases.

The symptoms and treatment of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia may start in childhood and in old age, but more often it manifests itself in adolescence. The disease may be acute, suddenly, but more typical is a gradual progression of the disease. There are strange fatigue, weakness, feelings of inner tension, boy or girl start to barely cope with the usual responsibilities, are closed, leaving a. Behavior, social and communication skills are beginning to slowly be broken, and after a while the surrounding notice that a person has changed. The disease occurs in very different ways, but the basis of all forms is gradual (sometimes - for decades), the formation of personality and, above all, emotional and volitional decline. It reduces the ability of arbitrary execution of any action, the possibility of purposeful behavior. A person can quit university, while in the final year of study, for no apparent reason to leave a good job, which was once so sought not to come to the registration of marriage with his own beloved person, etc.

As the disease progresses the symptoms become more complex, made all the more unusual, not like the appearance of other, familiar to all diseases. patient's behavior becomes strange, absurd and unintelligible utterances; the patient's perception of the world changes. Typically, psychiatrists diagnosed with schizophrenia, when the patient is already in a serious condition, during the development of psychosis (psychotic) but unjustified expansion early diagnosis of schizophrenia is no better. The condition of patients with schizophrenia is getting worse, and improving cyclical. These periods are called relapses and remissions. The remission of the people with schizophrenia seem to be relatively normal. However, during the acute or psychotic phase of the disease, they lose the ability to think logically, do not understand where and when events occur, who participate in them. Psychiatrists call this a violation of self-identification.

Often the symptoms observed in schizophrenia: delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking and inconsistent speech - this is the so-called positive symptoms, which usually flows quite clearly, and relatives, and often the patient himself, understands that without the help of a psychiatrist can not do. We want only to recall that psychiatric consultation is necessary in such cases immediately, since it is necessary to determine the probability of destructive more often to himself acts (severity of the patient). Since hallucinations are often presented "voices" sounding a patient in the head or somewhere outside, that comment on human behavior, insulting or give commands can cause the patient to make an unusual, inappropriate and sometimes dangerous activity. "The Voice" can command to jump from the balcony, to sell the apartment to kill the child, etc. The man in this case does not understand what is going on, can not resist the orders and is not responsible for their actions. It is best to place it in the hospital where intensive pharmacotherapy relieve acute condition, save from the dangerous actions and allow a person to eventually return to his former life.

The word "delusions" we often use in everyday life, referring to some ridiculous, untrue statements. In psychiatry, the term is used in other cases. The main feature of delirium is not what it is not true (for example, delusions of jealousy can grow to be the objective basis of the frequent cheating spouse or - more often - wife), but that is beyond the stable system of perception and evaluation of others, it is presented as certainty itself reality. Such a system can not be corrected, and determines an improper behavior. Patients feel that someone is watching them, planning to harm them or can read their minds, evoke certain feelings, control their emotions and actions to address them directly from the TV screen, turned into a "zombie" and they feel that they are "zombies "that is full of puppets of hostile forces, or, conversely, that they possess unusual qualities or abilities, reincarnated in real or fantastic characters, affect the fate of the world and the universe. These experiences greatly affect the patient's life, his behavior.

Often, patients experience unusual bodily sensations, burning, uncertain, flowing throughout the body, or more specific, but migrating or indestructible persistent in one place. Visual hallucinations are rare, more often observed in schizophrenia nodules dreams snovidnyh images, an inner cinema. Then the patients long freeze spellbound, ill or disabled distinguishing from reality, giving the impression of scattered eccentrics. The depth and intensity of these manifestations may be up to a full point and accompanied by movement disorders, when a man is tired without any attached to it most uncomfortable position.

Patients also disturbed thinking. In their statements, they can move from one topic to another - completely unrelated to the previous one, without noticing the lack of logic and even the sense of communication. Sometimes they are replaced by the words or sounds rhymes and come up with your own words, which are completely incomprehensible to others. Their wordy complicated or intricate arguments are completely meaningless or meaningful speech is limited by short, unrelated to the situation replicas. Sometimes they all fall silent for a long time. However, there are forms of schizophrenia, which take place without any productive symptoms, and they pose the greatest difficulty for the understanding of relatives and close friends. It seems that nothing has happened, and people stopped going to work, does not want to do anything around the house, no interest can not read, etc. Close people often perceive it as laziness, laxity, and try to influence his relative. Meanwhile, for such behavior is often willful decline, caused by the disease.

I do not think that people with schizophrenia have completely lost touch with reality. They know that people eat three meals a day, sleep at night, drive cars on the streets, etc., and a large part of the time their behavior may seem perfectly normal. However, schizophrenia is a very strong influence on the ability to properly assess the situation, to understand its real essence. A person suffering from schizophrenia and experiencing auditory hallucinations do not know how to react when he hears the voice of other people in society, saying to him, "From you stinks." This voice of a man standing next to him, or the voice is only in his head? It is a reality or a hallucination?

Misunderstanding the situation contributes to fear and even more change patient behavior. Psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia (delusions, hallucinations, thought disorders) may disappear, and a period of illness, doctors called remission. At the same time, negative symptoms (withdrawal, inappropriate or blunted emotions, apathy, etc.) can be observed both during remission and during periods of exacerbations, when the newly emergent psychotic symptoms. Such disease can last for years and will be apparent to others. Ambient is often seen in patients with schizophrenia as some eccentrics, which differ strange speech and lead a life that is different from the conventional.

There are many different types of schizophrenia. A person who believes that he is being persecuted, they want to deal with him, hears the voices of non-existent enemies - suffering "paranoid schizophrenia." Absurd behavior, habits and fanciful statements without delusional and hallucinatory disorders of thought, but with persistent disability, it occurs in a simple form of schizophrenia. Quite often, a schizophrenia occurs in the form of attacks clearly delineated - psychosis with delusions and hallucinations. However, as the disease progresses people more closed in itself, not only loses touch with others, society, and deprived of the most important senses: compassion, mercy and love. As the disease can vary in intensity, extent and frequency of exacerbations and remissions, many scientists use the word "schizophrenia" to describe a whole range of diseases that can be relatively soft and very heavy. Others believe that schizophrenia - a group of related diseases, about the same as the word "depression" refers to a number of different, but related to each other choices.