Seizures in adults

Causes and symptoms of seizures

Cramps - a paroxysmal, involuntary contraction of muscles as a result of overvoltage. Seizures occur suddenly and lasts a short time, but after a certain period of time may be repeated. They usually cause severe pain. Young people complain of painful cramps much less frequently than the elderly and children. These muscle contractions occur mostly at night, when buy keppra online the body is warm and in a state of sleep, or during muscular activity.

Most susceptible to leg cramps, less - hip, back, neck and abdomen. Seizures can be either single muscle or group of muscles reach.

Causes of seizures

Seizures are due to insufficient blood flow in the muscles, especially during physical exertion. Some cramps occur and amplified under the influence of external stimuli - Needlestick body, sudden loud sounds, abuse alkogolem.Faktorom of seizures in athletes is the lack of salt in the body, caused by sweating.

Can cause convulsions even monotonous repetitive motion, such as typing on a keyboard or computer motion myshkoy.Nochnye cramps - the result of a complex psychophysiological disorders (decreased blood flow and stress). If the same muscle groups are under load, when fatigue may also be susceptible to convulsive contraction. This is especially true of people who work standing up.

Seizures in children related to the lack of maturity of the brain and nerve fibers, weak brakes. The development of convulsive impact hazards during pregnancy, mother, childbirth and post-natal phase, acting on the nervous system of the baby. Before birth it can be toxemia, intrauterine infection, drug intoxication, acute and chronic illness of the mother; during delivery - fetal brain damage by mechanical means; after childbirth - infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, complications after vaccination, traumatic brain injury.

Sometimes seizures - a consequence of diseases of the nervous system (epilepsy, tetanus, neurosis), poisoning, metabolic or endocrine activity sekretsii.Spazmy calf muscles are and independent disease, and may be accompanied by a disease (eg, varicose veins). They arise during a long walk, plavaniya.Sudorozhnye reducing glottal muscles can be caused by irritating odors or gases. They often lead to eating disorders and changes in brain function and heart, respiratory arrest.

Symptoms of seizures

The manifestations of seizures vary from mild to very severe. In mild form possible confusion, darkening of the eyes, snorting, convulsive twitching and tingling in certain parts of the body. Average severity - when added to the previous symptoms of incontinence, intermittent fainting.

The most dangerous form of seizure is an epileptic seizure. In this case, there is an inexplicable feeling of fear and numbness, nausea, dizziness, salivation, frothing at the mouth, the deviation of the direction of the eyes and head. Seizures lasting more than two minutes, after which there is a loss of consciousness.

Treatment of seizures

Treatment of seizures carried out depending on the underlying disease. Applicable anticonvulsants: phenobarbital, hexamidine, benzonal, phenytoin. The positive effect of providing heat treatments, local massage, a clear mode of work and rest. When convulsive status or recurring cramps require emergency treatment, otherwise there is the risk of cerebral edema, respiratory depression, and other vital functions.

To prevent dehydration in hot weather, the patient should drink cold water with dissolved sodium salt (per liter of water - 1 teaspoon of salt). Another way to improve the local blood circulation in repeated convulsions - the affected area applying alternating hot and cold compresses .

If the cramp has already begun, the attack can not be stopped. Ambient able to as quickly as possible to call medical assistance, as well as to protect the patient from injury and bodily harm that he can cause himself sam.Samopomoschyu in the event of seizures is stretching of the affected muscles. For example, to get rid of a spasm in the calf muscle, you need to overcome the pain and push the heel down to lengthen the muscle.

General convulsions and loss of consciousness - Symptoms symptoms of epilepsy. Before arrival of the doctor patient need to create a peaceful environment, put him well to help the muscles relax. If there are respiratory disorders, it is necessary to provide fresh air and to breathe oxygen from the oxygen mask. Epilepsy should always carry a note with information on the number and duration of epileptic seizures. These data will be very useful for physicians.

Common indications for the treatment of seizures, is massaging the area with involuntary muscle contraction. This procedure will improve local blood circulation and, consequently, to speed up delivery of the muscles of blood and more oxygen. Particularly effective and powerful stroking motion slides, carefully aimed in the direction of the heart.

Simultaneous increase the impact of aromatherapy massage. You can use the oils of juniper, lavender, marjoram, rosemary. Diluted essential oils will cause reddening of the skin, blood vessels expand, will contribute to increased blood flow, resulting in muscles relax and relieve cramps.