Struggling with depression

Depression - one of the oldest diseases of mankind. As early as the fourth millennium BC, it was known for such a disease as a pathological state of melancholy. Someone periodically falls into a depression, and someone living with this condition what causes social anxiety. There are lots of different theories about the cause of its occurrence, but all opinions converge on one point: it is a disease and it requires mandatory treatment.

Symptoms of depression in all manifested in different ways. The main symptoms are irritability, feelings of powerlessness or guilt, restlessness, inability of decision-making, sleep disorders, weight loss, lack of appetite, constant fatigue or headache. Develop a state of depression can be very fast, within a few days, and within a few months.

For the treatment of depression should be treated with the utmost seriousness. The most serious cases require medical intervention. But if the depressed state is not run too, then you can try to overcome the disease on their own.

For self-healing from depression, therapists, doctors developed a special program "The joy and optimism." If you perform simple daily exercises of this program, the improvement will come soon enough:

- Daily raduyte surrounding amenities. This can be good news or a compliment. From the joy of others, and improve your own mood.

- Every day, smile at her reflection in the mirror, and the people around. Smiling stimulates those brain areas that are responsible for good mood. Gradually, the brain gets used to feel positive.

- Every day at least ten minutes should be given to meditation. It is necessary to sit comfortably and relax completely. At this time, it is necessary to think about the good only.

- After three weeks of such sessions smile and meditation, the next step is to dive into your favorite activity. Half an hour a day to do what is most like.

- Since the beginning of the fourth week you must enter into a permanent daily life holidays. Let it will be very minor and small occasions holidays, but they should be every day.

- Doubtlessly bring a healthy lifestyle. Sports, nutrition, fresh air improves the condition and good spirits.

The main thing is to recognize the successful treatment of depression as a disease, and in time to begin treatment. And depression retreat, and the world will shine with all its colors.