The jump in sexuality

According to the doctor-sexologist sexology center of Minsk Ulyana Avchinnikovoy, during the life of a woman's body undergoes constant change, and an important role in this process is played by hormones. Factors influencing the self hormones, may be completely different, ranging from sports and ending with changes in the diet. Paradoxically, the increase in the amount of hormones that increase the need for sex may contribute to ongoing emotional and psychological overload, stress at work, from which, unfortunately, no one is immune. There is another option: the lack of experience, the monotony of life and stimulates sexual desire only for you. But this is only short-term fluctuations in the level of sexuality.

Some scientists agree that the sudden bursts of sexy woman long enough time, programmed at the genetic level, ie some of us even from birth may be "doomed" to increased hormones after forty years. There is also a more prosaic reason - the use of sex hormones, pushes back age-related changes in a woman's body. But this means to improve sexuality need to be extremely careful: the side effects of hormones can be quite dangerous.

"Modern girl of twenty, - says Uliana - are often unable to learn all the pleasures of sex, in spite of its physiological maturity. As a rule, at this age it cares quite different problems: appearance, the search itself, studies, career prospects. According to research, single women often married their girlfriends are concerned about sexual failure even with a regular sexual partner. At a young age problems inclination can be directly linked to hormonal swings that occur during the menstrual cycle. For example, during ovulation woman can reach the peak excitation and, respectively, the strongest orgasm since during this period the most blood flows to the genitals, contributing to improving sensitivity.

In addition, young girls a lot of fears, reducing sexuality: they are afraid of the disease, sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy scares. The need to use contraceptives may also affect sexual desire. For example, some oral contraceptives can reduce the amount of testosterone - the hormone responsible for sexual desire. When using a condom thrills are usually dull, which also helps to reduce sexual desire, "- says Uliana Avchinnikova.

According to the doctor-sexologist Avchinnikovoy Uliana, many people mistakenly believe that only in the age of 30-35 years woman remains at the peak of sexual activity. In fact, often the woman begins to fully comprehend all the pleasures of sexual life only after 35 years. And for a mature woman becomes important is not the quantity but the quality of the sexual relations, because it already knows what she likes and what not. As a rule, at this age, most women have come to a stable sexual relationships of family type. According Uliana, after thirty years of women least likely to complain about the dissatisfaction in bed. Even during pregnancy, women continue to be thirty-active enough, because in this period, especially during the second trimester, the sexual organs are well supplied with blood. Problems may begin after the birth, when the level of testosterone in a woman's body drops sharply.

However, after forty years, the level of sex hormones tend to be somewhat reduced, but at the same time changing the psychological background that influences the sexual desire. "Try to analyze all aspects that can have a similar effect. Perhaps this is the age you are the least affected by stress: children have grown up and live an independent life, there was a long-awaited financial stability, which could not even conceive of before. All this contributes to the fact that to turn its attention to private life, to arouse a woman, "- says Uliana.

Another source of information about the precursors of menopause - relatives in the female line: mother, grandmother, aunt. Talk to them, find out on what grounds they felt the approach of menopause. You may find similar symptoms, which will help to find answers to their questions.

But even after menopause is not in a hurry to give up on their sex lives. Many women after menopause libido only increased. You have to understand that in this age of sexual relations are other, more measured and consistent. Although it is not excluded and inconsistencies: for example, a woman's sexual desire can be increased, and the male, on the contrary, reduced sexual potential. In this case, the woman will have to take the hit and try to make your partner aware that he needs more time to reach the proper level of excitation.