Considering an anxiety cure or a depression cure? Effective State Management is the KEY

Our perfect anxiety cure or depression cure must allow us to CHANGE the STATE we're in from one that does not serve us, to one that benefits us!

We must remember that all our patterns of behaviour come from the emotional/physiological "state" we're in.

So what causes us to change the state we're in? (or how we are "FEELING")

1. Our internal representations

2. The use and condition of our physiology, other words our posture, our diet, fitness levels and overall biochemical functioning.
These 2 components automatically affect each other.

SO, "to change the state were in/ or how we are feeling and behaving" we need to change either our internal representations or our physiology , or both!

In effect we have an "anxiety cure" if we are able to "change the state we are in, "at will".

Our "internal representation" is the MEANING we give to any event.
...and how do we give meaning to an event?

Our brain FILTERS what we see, and hear (NB: ALSO WHAT WE ARE SAYING TO OURSELVES - THE LANGUAGE WE ARE USING) and feel and taste and smell.
It does this filtering through MULTIPLE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES, and through our BELIEF SYSTEMS, and VALUES and our pysiological conditioning and response at the time of the event.

It then arrives at a new EXPERIENCE of an event,or our PERCEPTION of how it happened (a memory).
So our "state of mind" or the "state we are in" is just that- a state- and it CAN BE CHANGED.

Our INTERNAL DIALOGUE (the language we use) is crucial to changing our states.

We can manage and change our states by creating ANCHORS which immediately link our thoughts to more EMPOWERING memories or beliefs about a situation.

State change, with enough practise, can be immediate and very powerful. The Anchoring techniques that facilitate this immediate state change can be easily learned and practised.

Imagine going from a state of panic to one of extreme confidence and serenity WITH THE SNAP OF YOUR FINGERS, or a clenching of your fist!
Something worthwhile learning?
An Anxiety cure or depression cure will always involve a little bit of disciplined action on your part- but the rewards are always well worth the effort.

Reprogramming your INTERNAL DIALOGUE can be effectively achieved through repeatedly listening to more empowering ideas and beliefs.

Mike Brescia has created some excellent recordings which are easy to use and which I have found to be very effective.

His web site explains his methods via audio and he has an excellent free newsletter which you can subscribe to.
You can try his products here.

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