A video about  Pharmaceutical Greed

An in-depth look at how pharmaceutical greed is costing America so many lives and how the power of the pharmaceutical industry can influence so many people: A programme by Gary Null,Phd

It's worth bookmarking this page , just for this video- it runs for 1hr 37mins -even if you havn't the time now, come back here and watch it later!

Highly recommended viewing.

Pharmaceutical business development continues...unabated.
Every year, thousands die from medication related causes. The statistics are quite frightenening.

It has come to light that if "double-blind" trials on new drugs yield  less than satisfactory results - these results are often not publicised....

Rampant marketing - and it all begins with young student doctors, receiving free gifts - and continues on a massive scale - with hundreds of millions spent on the promotion of over priced (35 000% markup!) medications.

Less money is spent on the development of useful drugs (like antibiotics) than ever before..because they are deemed "less profitable".

Doctors rely on non-scientists (sales people who have been fed the "company line") in order to evaluate the "efficacy" and SAFETY of the drugs which they will then dispense freely to thousands of patients.

Brain Chemistry shows you what science knows, but medicine seems to ignore...

The only way we can protect ourselves from the spin-off dangers of pharmaceutical greed is to educate ourselves.

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