So you want to start attacking anxiety and depression head on?

To start Attacking anxiety and depression without being prepared to change a few of your beliefs, is like crossing the ocean in a very leaky boat!

So What are beliefs?

Beliefs are a "knowingness".

The interesting thing about beliefs is that most of them are formed as a result of how our brain interpreted a pleasurable or painful experience.

We must understand that A BELIEF IS NOT A FACT.

A belief is an interpretation.

If we understand this, then we can understand that it is possible to change a belief we have about something, by supplying ourselves with enough information and experience to support a new belief.

The sensory information gathered by our brains about things we see, feel, hear, smell touch and generally experience is UNIQUE to ourselves.

An example of this is how you might think a certain person is an absolute beauty to look at, and incredibly witty.
Your close friend, on the other hand, might view that person quite differently and find their features quite plain, and their humour rather dull!

The layering of our accumulation of complex experiences is what ultimately constitutes our beliefs.
The language we use to talk to ourselves is vitally important to what sort of beliefs we will form.

The use of negative or positive language hugely affects our emotions, and therefore, our beliefs.
In a program focussed on attacking anxiety and depression, we must CAREFULLY watch how we speak to ourselves, and what we allow ourselves to interpret from what others are saying.

For example: the belief that you are "depressed", (a label that you have given yourself), may give you a feeling of certainty, and your mind will then find ways to support that belief.

And this will in turn affect your physiology- resulting in a downward spiral.
When Attacking anxiety and depression, a more empowering way to look at things would be to say that "currently, I'm feeling some of the symptoms of a state of depression" and the next logical thought should the be ... "so how do I go about "changing that state"?".

Notice that you have not "labelled yourself as depressed" - rather, you have noticed a certain "state" within yourself... and you know that a "state" can be changed.

Looking at the situation from this perspective - where you are in charge(asking the question), puts a whole new spin on things.
Suddenly you won't be at a dead end - because you've asked yourself an intelligent question, your mind is already looking for solutions- a positive focus - as opposed to the situation where you merely "label yourself" and feel powerless - the victim mindset!

Remember - a "state" is only ever TEMPORARY - it is NOT a life sentence.

So negative LABELLING never offers solutions.

Clever questions are what are neccessary.
"The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of questions you consistently ask yourself" -

Anthony Robbins - and his books "Awaken The Giant Within" and "Unlimited Power", explain this all beautifully.

So, attacking anxiety and depression will involve changing your beliefs.

Also, changing your beliefs will involve changing the language you consistently use to talk to yourself.
I'll be providing some examples of positive and negative language in a link here, soon.

....and if you'd like to, you can buy some excellent belief modification programmes here!

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