Remember that a Depression Test is not a conclusive diagnosis

So why make use of a Depression Test?

You'd use one to satisfy your need for certainty.
Sometimes we need to feel certain before we take action (in this case, action that will make us feel better).

When doing this, consider that any evaluation you get from a book or do on the internet, is not a clinical diagnosis.
Consider these questions before doing the evaluation:

1) How will this help me to feel better?
2) What will my next step towards feeling better be, once I have done the evaluation?

3) Regardless of the outcome of the evaluation, what could I do right now, today, as my first step towards feeling better?
Evaluation 1 (opens a new window)

Evaluation 2 (opens a new window)

If you are already certain that you need to do something in order to feel better, then, depending on how serious you consider your condition to be, start on a course of action , TODAY.

This may mean

a) you speak to someone you trust about how you are feeling.

b) you contact a qualified therapist today.

c) you contact a depression help organisation in your country

c) You download something from the internet that you can start using today.

d) you read more about how you can help yourself, by exploring our site.

If you are feeling in any way unsafe, speak to someone who will take you seriously, immediatly.

Here are worldwide emergency contact details.

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