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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Failures in the sexual life of the man often called impotence. However, this is not entirely true. Impotence doctors consider a condition in which a man under any circumstances be able to commit a sexual act, which, fortunately, does not occur very often. A coincidence or recurring problems with erectile dysfunction should be called erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several kinds of reasons - endocrine, medication, local, neurological and vascular. All this refers to the form of organic erectile dysfunction when it is caused by some change or disorder in the organism. Much more common form of psychological erectile dysfunction, in which the normal sexual life interfere with neuropsychiatric features exclusively male. In addition, almost always problems with erectile dysfunction caused by organic causes, added a psychological component, which, after elimination of the root causes can come out on top.

Endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction

Endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction include primarily hypogonadism - a lack of function of sexual glands and low production of the male hormone testosterone. In addition to erectile problems in this state the man sees increase in voice frequency, the cessation of hair growth on the face and body, the deposition of fat in the breasts, hips, buttocks. As a rule, these changes occur in severe violations of the hormonal system of the human body, and in these cases always need help with an endocrinologist. Fortunately, these diseases are relatively rare.

Other endocrinological cause erectile problems may be pituitary tumor - one of the most important endocrine glands of the human body, which is in the brain. If such tumor secretes a hormone called prolactin, no other changes in the body, except for persistent erectile dysfunction, will not be marked. In this case, the diagnosis is necessary not only to investigate the hormonal status of the person, but also to perform cerebral computer tomography.

Medication causes of erectile dysfunction

There are several types of drugs that may have an adverse effect on the erectile function of male body. Hormonal drugs that block the action of male sex hormones (so-called anti-androgens), as well as preparations female sex hormones cause serious problems with erection due to a violation of all the hormonal mechanism of its occurrence. These drugs are usually prescribed only for severe diseases, the most common of which is prostate cancer. In this case, doctors are guided by the principle of "not to fat," when it is first necessary to facilitate and how to prolong the patient's life can be longer.

However, I personally know of cases where the action of a powerful anti-androgens (differently even called castration drugs, I believe, it is clear why) a "good" doctor prescribed to patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (more commonly known as an adenoma). Needless to say, helping them smoothly, but all the men in terror realize that longer established themselves not feel. Fortunately, erectile function was restored quickly after discontinuation of the drug.

Other medical preparations influencing erections are all substances with a depressing effect on the cerebral cortex. This is mainly alcohol and narcotic drugs that besides effects on the brain cause cachexia organism that does not contribute to any erectile function in particular audio reproduction in general. In such cases, for the restoration of normal erection requires not only the full removal of the drug, but properly conducted rekonvolestsentsii period.

In addition, there are certain drugs, according to the pharmacological classification relating to a variety of groups that have the ability to block the peripheral nerve endings responsible for the occurrence of an erection. Who knows, for example, antihistamines, the most famous representative of which is diphenhydramine, for this reason should not take more than 10 days? If the question of a normal erection is not indifferent to you, then you in the appointment of any medication ask your doctor if it does not cause such violations.

A thyroid information page like this was just what I needed in 1998/1999! ...

At the time I was led to believe I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

If you're suffering from panic attacks or depression, and can't imagine why ... then I'm hoping this page will prompt you to have your thyroid gland checked.

Also, ... make 3 very important decisions:

Decide to trust your instincts about how you are feeling - once you have digested the information on these pages (and elsewhere) and if you have sufficient reason to believe that you have a thyroid problem, STICK TO YOUR GUNS! You are the best judge of what feels normal and healthy for you.
Don't allow yourself to be "brushed off" by your family doctor or "specialist".
Read my story about hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and understand how easily (well meaning)doctors can endanger your health (possibly just because they don't have enough of the latest thyroid information).

Find a doctor who specialises in nutritional medicine...and who will listen to what you have to say ...they are out just need to dig around a bit to find them.

"Interview" your prospective doctor before seeing him/her.

Find out if they are willing to entertain thyroid treatment if you are showing symptoms of hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism, but your "TSH" tests fall within the laboratory "normal range". ...keep looking until you find the right doctor.

A thyroid function test is a simple blood test which, if correctly interpreted, could save you years of heartache and could prevent real panic attacks and depressive episodes from developing.

Understand that Heavy Metal Toxicity can cause thyroid problems (amongst other things).

Tissue mineral analysis (hair analysis)is the most sensitive test for Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Your silver(amalgam) fillings are a definite source of Heavy Metal Poisoning/Toxicity.

If you suspect that you may have thyroid problems,(which in turn may be causing your depression or anxiety) then this is also an avenue to start researching.
Heavy Metal Poisoning can in itself (even without thyroid issues) be a causitive factor in anxiety and depression disorders.

Thyroid information

Enjoy! ( and then come back here.... there's more to read!)

Here's a quick list of the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism (compare to panic attack symptoms on my other pages!)

Common Hyperthyroidism Symptoms & Signs:

Additional (less common) symptoms that may be associated with this disease:

Compare the thyroid information (above) with anxiety symptoms(below):

...and then go from this thyroid information page to my panic disorders page...and then again you'll see why it's SO important to rule out Hyperthyroidism!

Because the symptoms of hyperthyroidism can be so frightening...they can actually CAUSE you to fall into a cycle of panic attacks - panic disorder .

And.. once you have repeated something often enough.... well, you've read my page on Anchoring ...

it's fascinating how mind and body affect each other ....

Be sure to read about how being hypothyroid can make you feel depressed.

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