A Hair Analysis Reference Range for Non-Toxic Elements

Men's baldness problems

Baldness in men Most modern men, sooner or later face the problem of baldness. It can be caused by various factors - disorders of the thyroid gland, stress, side effects of medication. As a rule, in most cases, alopecia (from the Latin «alopecia» - alopecia, pattern baldness) is due to a genetic predisposition and an increased level of the hormone testosterone. Heredity also determines the age at which a man begins to lose her hair, and type of hair loss, which may start from the top, with the temporal region or the forehead. Most early stage of baldness becomes visible to the naked eye even in adolescence - it confirms that the problem will inevitably worsen in the near future. In recent years, the deterioration of the environment, not the popularization of healthy lifestyle, including alcohol, smoking, regular stress, hair loss treatment for men required much earlier. If last baldness overtaken the stronger sex, usually at the age of 30-35 years, but now, according to statistics, 70% of men patchy hair loss is already apparent in 25-30 years. And by 50 years the integrity of the hair retain only 20% of men. The rate at which hair becomes man is also inherited and can range from 3-4 years to several decades.

Causes of early baldness in men

Among the causes of hair loss in men, no doubt, be called a lack of micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids - substances, "the builders" Hair responsible for his food. This is also the violation of the natural microcirculation of blood - circulation process, delivering essential nutrients to the hair follicle. Considering the factors heredity, increased hormonal activity, bad environment and a healthy lifestyle, it makes sense to start taking care of the safety of hair with adolescence, especially if you feel the first signs of baldness - Emerging bald spots, receding hairline. The sooner you prefer to solve this problem, so in the best shape of your hair will remain.

The fight against hair loss in men

To prevent hair loss, men need to include in your menu more nuts, beans, green vegetables, seafood and fish, which contain polyunsaturated amino acids - these products will fill protein deficiency, which serves as a building material for hair. Along with the consumption of essential vitamins and minerals that promote hair follicle nutrition, should be given time daily delicate massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and start to use special means of anti-aging care for the hair. Even before the onset of obvious symptoms of baldness, the first signs of hair loss, begin to add to shampoos decoctions of funds on the basis of calendula and mother-and-stepmother. A good service will provide you with regular use of funds from baldness, the composition of which is specifically designed for men, for example, propecia growth promoters. Its use will help keep your hair and avoid the serious treatment of baldness. In a mature same age need to intensively nourish and tone the scalp. With this well cope propecia based on natural ingredients: Ginseng and chestnut, which tone the scalp, providing anti-aging effect and help to preserve the natural pigmentation of the hair, preventing the appearance of gray hair. The earlier you start to care about the preservation of hair, the longer will delight you with your beautiful hair. Remember that starting to take care of their health and visual appeal now, you render the service itself-future.

The results of a hair analysis test offer the well trained, experienced  professional an excellent starting point for their investigation into an individual's disease state, or POTENTIAL for disease states.

The non-toxic elements measured in a hair analysis test are listed below, with their accompanying reference ranges, in ppm (parts per million)

       This table courtesy of Mediscan, Australia.

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