Depression Self Help begins by understanding that you need to change

Let's face it- you're looking for anxiety and depression self help because you realise that where you're at right now, isn't working very well!

You've started an exciting and incredibly satisfying journey.

Once you've realised that you need to change something, you've already taken your first step up the ladder of recovery!
Every day that you learn something new, your confidence and ability to "morph" into a new , happier you, will increase.

The more you do, the easier it gets.

nce you learn these techniques, a whole new world will open up to you.

Listed here are the key factors in recovering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

From these pages I've also created some links to anxiety and depression self help programmes that can be used in the privacy of your home.

I  am happy to recommend them , because they incorporate the principles I know are key to quick and lasting success.

From a psychological perspective, here are the KEY FACTORS YOU'LL NEED TO UNDERSTAND and PRACTISE:

1.Understanding the stages of change / learning:

2.State Management ( The NITTY GRITTY of being the best you can be!)



5.Conditioning/ Repetition.

Whilst reading and absorbing the information, remember this:

You were not born depressed, and having anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

You learned how to achieve those results in your physiology and neurobiology.

So, just as you learned them, you can recondition yourself, and re-learn how to feel in various circumstances- you can learn how to create more beneficial, empowering "states" on DEMAND.

Also, from a Physiological perspective, read all about Heavy Metal Toxicity, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, and Brain Chemistry.

It's vital that you give your biochemistry the best chance of functioning on an optimal  basis, by providing your body with the correct ingredients to make all your happy chemicals - and part of this is to remove the heavy metal which may be BLOCKING the absorption of other vital minerals and vitamins.

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