Introduction:Vitamin or Mineral Deficiencies?

It's pretty well established now, that Vitamin or Mineral deficiencies, (micro nutrient deficiencies) can lead to disease and psychological disorders: review brain chemistry if you need a quick synopsis of the way our biochemistry affects our mood states.

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks fall squarely in the arena of disorders caused by micro nutrient problems.

Now, we know from all the best sporting coaches and business advisors that: 

"What we can measure and monitor, we can manage".

So lets apply that to our health:

If we want to be well, physically and psychologically, we need to know what our bodies need.

More to the point, we need to know what we are deficient in, or have too much of, so that we can manage our health properly - bearing in mind that each of us has  unique requirements.

For example:When we start on a fitness programme, what does our experienced trainer do in order to tailor a programme to our own specific needs?

A: He or she will do various fitness and strength tests and body fat and muscle mass measurements ... and only then, once the trainer has established our baseline measurements and fitness levels, will they then create a programme for us to follow.

So lets have a look at how we can apply this  to our "inner health " and our nutritional requirements , by first taking a look at the 4 enemies of a healthy biochemistry:
  1. deficiency
  2. toxicity
  3. excess
  4. imbalance
Then add to this the enemies of a healthy thinking pattern:
  1. lack of sleep
  2. dehydration
  3. stress
  4. drugs
  5. negative, or faulty belief systems
  6. lack of exercise
  7. lack of social interaction
  8. "toxic" work and social interactions
....and start to figure out how you are going to "measure and monitor" it all.

Now, the enemies of a healthy thinking pattern are usually fairly obvious to us, and easy to identify and therefor to go to work on...but... how do we measure and monitor our biochemistry?

... how do we  measure  Vitamin or Mineral deficiencies and imbalances, and how do we determine toxicities and excesses?

Science offers us the following:

They are our measurement tools!

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