A Reference Range for Toxic Elements

Establishing the reference range for Toxic Elements in hair analysis, allows well trained health care professionals to compare the results with those of a hair analysis test on a specific individual.

Because it is well etablished that excesses of Toxic Elements  outside the reference range will have a metabolic effect, the results of a hair analysis test offer the well trained, experienced  professional an excellent starting point for their investigation into an individual's disease state, or POTENTIAL for disease states.

Any amount of a Toxic Element is "excess" (usually unavaoidable in a normal lifestyle) if we are to be entirely accurate - and the variance from the reference range shown in the results of the hair analysis test helps determine the urgency with which the matter should be dealt, plus the combination of chelating substances which would be used to rid the body of the toxic elements.

The reference range for Toxic Elements

The toxic elements measured in hair are listed below, with their accompanying reference ranges, in ppm (parts per million)

This table courtesy of Mediscan, Australia.

And here is an example of what you would see on a hair analysis results page:
Reference Range for Toxic Elements Chart plus Test Results as shown in a hair analysis test

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